Submission Guidelines

  • The language of the symposium is English and Turkish.
  • Abstracts, papers and presentations will be in English or Turkish.
  • There is a limit for the number of submissions.
  • Please write your abstract minimum 400 words.
  • One author should not submit MORE THAN ONE abstract for the evaluation unless the second paper is a co-authored one.
  • One author’s name can be on two papers, one single and the other co-authored.
  • It is required for the author to evaluate his/her own paper first before submission.
  • Co-authored papers should be presented by the author who has not another paper in the symposium.
Review Process

The evaluation process takes place via Internet without having any information about the authors which means that abstracts are evaluated by blind review process.

The evaluation categories are like that: “Introduction and literature, methodology, significance, appeal, interest, exceptionality, currency of the issue, and overall evaluation.”

Each abstract is sent to at least 3 or a maximum of 6 referees who are the members of the scientific committee of the year and whose names are announced on the web after the end of each year’s evaluation process.

Referees evaluate each category within a scale from 0 to 10. The abstracts which get a final average of 7 points from 10 get a right to be presented in the symposium.

Special session for graduate students:
  • There will be a special session for the graduate students who want to share his/her own research. There will be a discount for their registration fees.

If you want to present a paper in English please use the “Abstract Submission Form”, but if you want to present your paper in Turkish, please use the “Türkçe Bildiri Başvuru Formu

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