In Cooperation with
Anadolu University (Turkey),
Unviersity of Texas at Austin (USA),
Ataturk University (Turkey)

Hosted by
Anadolu University,
Faculty of Communication Sciences

Symposium: October 12-14, 2022

Call for Papers

The world is getting smaller with high technology-based communication systems which also bring people together. Communication scholars and practitioners, especially, should be close to one another and this is why we are gathering them and preparing a platform for discussion. The responsibility of the symposium is growing day by day, as its main idea is communication in the new millennium. The aim of this symposium is to establish and continue an international multidisciplinary forum for the development of an innovative and inspiring dialogue among communication scholars and practitioners.

Secondly, popular and main issues of the communication field in the new millennium will be discussed. And with this dialogue, future projects and comparative studies will hopefully be developed.

The symposium aims to foster and promote work that is intended to make a constructive contribution to the communication field and its development.

The Story of CIM

When I was a young research assistant during my PhD in late 90s, I found the e-mail address of Prof. Dr. Maxwell McCombs, the founder of agenda setting theory. Since I was studying on the subject, I asked him many questions about my thesis in order to have a better understanding of the theory. I must have asked too many questions that later on, McCombs mentioned me in a speech that I gave him the third degree. After I finished my thesis, McCombs and I wrote a paper together and presented it at an international symposium at Anadolu University in 2001. During this time, I also met the second founder of the theory, Prof. Dr. Donald Shaw. They both were guests of the symposium. We welcomed them at the airport in Istanbul, with my PhD thesis advisor Prof. Dr. Uğur Demiray, and brought them to Eskişehir  Read More

About CIM2022...

This year, our symposium will be hosted by Anadolu University Faculty of Communication Sciences and organized in cooperation with Atatürk University Faculty of Communication. Due to the pandemic conditions, the symposium will be held online. Until the symposium dates, there is a possibility that some sessions will be held face-to-face in line with the suitability of the conditions. The decision regarding these conditions will be announced to you before the announcement of the program. Many academicians from abroad were invited to the symposium to make oral presentations and keynote speeches. Those who have attended our previous symposiums know that we host well-known names of the field. As you know, our organization is non-profit and due to purely academic concerns, each paper submission is evaluated through triple blind peer review. We also have special sessions for the graduate students. We believe that this year’s symposium will be as spectacular as the previous ones. We are waiting for you to present your papers in the field of communication.

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