The official language of the symposium is English and Turkish.  

There will not be a translation at the symposium.

Participants who want to make presentations in Turkish submit their abstracts in Turkish, and those who want to make a Turkish presentation at the symposium. However, they have submitted an English summary before reporting this before the program announcement.

Guidelines for online paper presentations

  • All presentations will be done on Zoom. It is also recommeded that you watch tutorials       on

  • Time limit for each presentation is 10 minutes and extra 5 minutes will be  for questions and answers.

  • Each paper must be presented only by its author.

  • Co-authored papers must be presented by a different co-author who does not have another paper presentation.

  • It is not allowed to present more than one paper per person during the symposium.   

  • Participants who do not have a chance to do an online live presentation can send their presentation video link to symposium e-mail address by 06-10 October 2021. However, live participation for Q&A session of after each panel is is compulsory. Q&A session after each panel will be through live participation   

  • You can create a video link by using YouTube or file sharing platforms. The tutorials below can help you to create your presentation videos.

Guidelines and Tips to  increase the quality of video presentation:

1. Length of video

Please keep your video around 10 minutes. 

2. Quality 

Make sure that you are recording with a camera that has at least 720p (HD) resolution. A camera with a 1080p (Full HD) resolution is even better. 

3. Smartphones to recording

If you are using your smartphone to record your video, make sure you are using the camera mounted on the rear of your phone. The selfie camera has lower resolution. The same is also true for  microphones. 

4. Film in landscape mode 

Please make sure that you are filming in landscape mode. 

5. On lighting

Avoid having a bright background. This will lead to poor video quality. You should also have enough light on your face. 

6. Background noise 

Minimize background noise for more clarity in your recording. 

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