If your paper has a co-author or authors, please write their information in the following order. "Title, Name, Surname, Institution name, e-mail address." For example, "Prof. Dr. Erkan Yüksel, Anadolu University Faculty of Communication Sciences, symposium (at) gmail com". If you have more co-authors, you can continue writing with a semicolon (;) between them. We would also like to remind you that it does not matter which author's name is written before or after the presentation of the paper. However, in the process of publishing the full text of the paper, you can specify the author you want as the first or second author.

Title of the Author to Perform the Presentation

If your paper is accepted for presentation, your abstracts will be published in the symposium proceedings e-book. Please indicate your preference regarding how you would like your full-text work to be evaluated after the presentation of the paper. (Your answer to this question is required for preliminary information. You can change your mind with your evaluation after the symposium.)